Moving Tips

If you are moving in or within Washington D.C. boundaries, the moving rate is by the hour, while moving out of this state will depend on the distance, weight, and, in many cases, the cubic footage of your office. An average rate for a reputable moving company is $90 per hour for moves within Washington D.C.

For long distance moves; specials or flat rates are available especially if you are coming from a big city such as New York or Boston, and an hourly rate will prove to be very costly.

Always check with the Better Business Bureau before you decide on a moving company. The company you choose should be BBB accredited. It is also a good sign if they are members of a professional association of moving companies. Also, be sure that the company you hire is licensed and insured by a legitimate insurer. Always do your homework!

A high customer satisfaction ranking spells volumes about the quality of your mover’s work and their overall reliability. It is usually preferable to hire a professional mover rather than taking on the entire burden on your own.

Other moving tips include:

  • Collect all keys and put them in a safe place to avoid misplacements. Make sure everything‚Äôs been readied for the move. Strip the beds and leave them intact ready for dismantle.
  • Call your moving company to ensure that the driver has the correct delivery address, phone numbers as well as expected delivery time.
  • Make sure you are present when the movers come to your home so you can sign an inventory list. Make sure to do a walk-through with the crew chief as he or she performs the inventory. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think something was missed.
  • Make sure you have a hard copy of your signed bill of lading and your inventory. Keep these safe.
  • Before you depart, make sure you perform a final walk-through and ensure nothing is left behind.

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